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Cyro Contouring NYC is a first rate operation. I experienced a cellulite reduction after my first treatment!! Burning off stubborn cellulite and receiving a skin tightening facial treatment and gives me a sense of youthfulness and vitality that I have not felt in a long time. The treatment itself was pleasant and the technician was skilled and very polite and professional. I cannot wait to continue with my treatments, and I hope to see the wonderful results continue.


The CryoContouring Facial blew me away. After one single 30-minute session, I all but lost my forehead lines and the skin on my face is universally tighter! My friends noticed right away, and they were curious as to where they could get the treatment. The treatment itself was not only painless, but pleasant and relaxing. I am a very satisfied user, and I will return.


I had a cryofacial today and was so impressed! Immediate results , it was like instant Botox. The office is well run, no wait time and the service was really professional and relaxing. Come prepared with a fresh face (no makeup) as they apply a gel prior to treatment. Being a little nervous going into it that it might be a little too cold I was pleasantly surprised. It was definitely cold but bareable and they warm your skin up before and after!


I'll admit, I've never had any cosmetic treatments aside from the occasional facial. And, I'm a skeptic of just about everything. However, Cryo Contouring NYC turned me into a believer of cryo! While I didn't think that a "cold wand" could really do anything for my body, I was wrong. After two cryofacials with Ceci, I noticed immediate changes both times. My face felt tighter and firmer between my cheeks and jaw. This area was also much more defined, with a clear shape that I didn't have before. My lips felt and looked 'plumper', and my skin was glowing! I also got a stomach treatment and noticed some tightening--I'm going back for more. Ceci, my technician, was excellent. She immediately put me at ease and patiently answered every question I had. She is very knowledgable about contouring and the science behind it. Plus, she's friendly and very easy to talk to. Overall, it was enjoyable and comfortable and actually felt quite refreshing!


I got the cryo-facial. It was fantastic. Ceci was very informative about the procedure and did a terrific job applying heat and cold. I felt better and looked better at the end.


I had a cryofacial today and saw immediate results after! My technician was so nice and made the treatment go by in a flash. The experiment is definitely cold but bareable as they warm your skin before and after. Highly recommend if you’re looking for cryofacial treatments you go to Cryofacial Contouring!


My daughter purchased a facial type service for me, which I must say went beyond my wildest expectations. The staff was so nice and accommodating, tending to my needs so I felt comfortable. The office was immaculate and smelled amazing with some high tech equipment that infused the air with an amazing aroma therapy. The equipment that was used was so intense!!!! The results were noticeable immediately. I will be returning soon for more treatments as well as me buying some treatments for my daughter. I don't post reviews unless it's this good. Highly recommend.


After my first visit, I can tell that this is a great operation I work out regularly but have some stubborn "fat" which I am looking to reduce. The first visit was a wonderful experience. The operation is well organized and the room was luxurious. I was immediately greeted by the head technician - a biomedical student - who gave me a personal consultation and discussed my objectives. The best part was the treatment itself. I was not sure how comfortable "cold sculpting" would be, but I, in fact, did not experience discomfort. The treatment was actually rather pleasant. My target areas felt a bit tighter after the treatment, and I excited to see it take action over the next couple of days as well. I committed to a package of treatments and I am excited to go back for more sessions.